Prague Coffee Tour - A tour about coffee
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Prague Coffee tour

These days, coffee is a big part of the majority of our lives. But, have we ever stopped to ask the question, what is the origin of this current day favorite drink? Where does coffee come from and what helped it gain such popularity? Prague Coffee Tour is founded on love for coffee. On our desires to know more about this drink which we have become so accustomed to that we’ve lost sight of its uncommonness and originality. On something that possesses its own uniqueness and has non-repeatable properties. Dive with us into the intricate history of coffee’s adventures in mysteries leading to popularity throughout the world. We will show you how coffee became established in the lives of Praguers as an integral part of life. In closing, we will teach you how to recognize the unique character of each coffee in a manner not unlike professionals. We firmly believe that Prague Coffee Tour will help change your previously experienced view of coffee, positively!

The History of Coffee

Learn the famous legend of how people discovered the miraculous effects of this drink and how it went from being a closely guarded secret of the Arabs to becoming the drink that took Europe and then the whole world by storm.

Czech Cafes

Even our country didn't want to be left out from this world-wide embrace of coffee. So, we'll introduce you to the development of famous cafes in Prague, how they became linked with prominent personalities from Prague, and their slow growth.

The Journey of Coffee

Have you ever thought about what your coffee must go through prior to being delivered to your local cafe? We will reveal to you the processes that lead the little coffee berries to become aromatic, roasted beans.


Did you know that coffee is sometimes tasted even more than 100 times before you receive it at the coffee bar? How are the flavors of coffee qualified? What are the main criteria and how does one identify individual tastes? You have this to look forward to at the closing of our tour!

What can you look forward to?

The entire walk begins in Prague at Krizovncke namesti. From there, we will trace the footsteps of coffee-lovers before us to the sites of famous cafes from the end of 19th and the beginning of 20th century. You will learn about these coffee houses’ founding, their egular patrons, and what role the coffee houses played in Prague’s atmosphere.


After walking together for about an hour, we will visit one of Prague’s most notable cafes. Here they roast their own specialty coffee, and together with them we will teach you about the history of coffee – from its origin to present day. You will also come to understand the entire process of coffee from its harvesting, processing, and then onto its final product.

We will have a tasting at the last part of our tour. You will learn to taste coffee like a professional taster and what the criteria are for assessing the drink. We do forewarn you: learning to enjoy each cup of coffee can become highly addictive :o)


1st boat with coffee plant arrived to America


foundation of the 1st cafe in Prague


tons of coffee yearly consumed in CZ


coffees are drank by average Czech per year



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